FAQs of Flash Screensavers Maker

Flash Screensavers Maker

Q: Need I pay for upgrade?
A: No! All upgrades are free to registered users.

Q: Is your online order form secure?
A: Yes, it is 100% secure.

Q: Is tech support free?
A: Yes! It's free for all.

Q: What happens after I send in the order?
A: You will receive an email that confirm your order within 24 hours after you choose the online order form. At the same time, you will receive your registration number.

Q: What is Flash Screensavers Maker?  
A: Flash Screensaver Maker allows you to make your own screen saver from your favorite flash movies.

Q: Is it possible for the software not to be interrupted by moving the mouse but by clicking?
A: Yes. In "Settings" tab, you can select the way the screensaver wake up on: Mouse event, Keystroke, Hotkey or  combination of them.

FAQs of Flash Screensavers Maker