FAQ of Flash Screensaver Maker Simple Version

1. Is tech support free? 
2. What happens after I send in the order?
     You will receive an email confirming your order shortly after sending the online order form. Then, within 1 hours, you will receive a second email with your registration name, code, and instructions to get started! 
3. I have paid but didn't get registration key, what to do?
     Please email us at support@softboy.net Please include your name, address, email address, and order confirmation number (if you have it). We will be happy to help you.
4. Is your online order form secure? 
     Yes, it is 100% secure.  provide by PayPal.com. Use secure HTTP protocol to transmit data.
5. Is Upgrading free?
     Yes, totally free.
6. How to uninstall this software?
     Start->Control Panel->Add/Remove Program->Flash Screen Saver ( Remove only ).
7. Can I import the internet flash movie.
    Yes, just click the 'Add flash URL' button and input the URL. And the screen saver will play it online.
8. Can I create a Installer with the program.
    Yes, Just select '.exe' as your output format. And the program will create a installer. You can add readme, license and other info just click the 'Custom installer' button.
9. This program is too simple for me. Have you pro version?
    Yes, We have another pro version named Flash Screensaver Maker.
10.Is the screensaver created by this program is a standard windows screensaver?
    Yes, All the screensaver's function can be found. Also, you can click setting to get more options such as mute, wake up method ...